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Albino Spider Arts | Helen Ferroni | AKA: Aiki
Albino Spider Arts | Helen Ferroni | AKA: Aiki
Concept Artist
Barcelona, Spain


I started drawing since I was very young as a hobby. Teachers used to complain about my drawing in the middle of the classe (LoL). I used to draw a lot of manga at that time.
I always wanted to design videogames but I was never good at math so I decided to study Graphic Designing.
I stopped drawing and designing because of personal issues. However, years later, I picked up the pencil again where I began to teach myself to draw again, thanks to the support of my relatives of course.
I started exercising my hands again, learning to improve my technique. And in a week studying images, photographs, more realistic illustrations and leaving behind the Manga style, I improved in an important way. A few months later I was given a tablet and again began a learning process. This time in digital. A very difficult task if you have to teach yourself.

I have illustrated for Myths at War, a Spanish card game and I work on commissions.


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