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Expo 2018 - The Red Thread

"The Red Thread "- This legend was created when it was discovered that the ulnar artery connects the heart with the pinky and, being united with this artery, they began to tell that Red Threads of destiny joined pinkies with their hearts. the union of one's feelings.

The ancient Japanese culture contemplates the idea that the future of each person is predestined from the moment the path begins. Explanation that takes force with the dogma that every human being is bound to the destiny of someone through an intangible thread of red and is found tied to the pinky.

"The Red Thread as an exhibition" - Works drawn with graphite and painted with watercolors.

It not only represents the connection of destiny with the heart, but also a metaphorical way of explaining what the human mind goes thorugh when it suffering times of difficulty. A vision of the power that this mind has over a person and how it reacts or feels to be carried away by the words of his/her Inner Self

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